Mechanical Variator For AMADA Bandsaw Machine - HA-250-W/ HA-400-W (Interchange to MIKY Pulley)

Adjustable Center Variable Speed Pulley Drives

This Variable Speed Pulley Drive Consists of pair of pulleys & belt.

1) driveR (motor) pulley, with speed adjustment device.
2) driveN Pulley- spring loaded pulley.

This drive is an interchange to Miky Pulley (JAPAN). These Pulleys are manufactured from steel castings and can be installed without any modification on your machines. As the pulleys are supplied with finish bore and keyway, they are ready to fit module. These pulleys are Dynamically balanced and life time lubricated.



Selection Table

AMDA Band Saw model Pulley Size driveR (motor) pulley driveN spring loaded pulley Belt Width
Disc Dia Bore Dia Disc Dia Bore Dia
HA250w R 1828 185 28 --- --- 37
N 2527 --- --- 250 27
HA400w R 2538 250 38 --- --- 37
N 3238 --- --- 325 38



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